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Hey! My name is  lacreative
I am a template for  Design
Educators and creatives

I am a perfect Webflow template for creatives who want to sell ✶ courses ✶ services ✶ digital products online.

Courses + Master Classes

This section of the website is a way to give an overview of the main directions on how you can help your customers.

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Templates + Pre Designed Resourses

The central section is linked to a Webflow collections page, with all the online products.

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Web  Design + Branding

This section of the website is hidden under previous sections, but it can be changed with the Webflow, and it can become a regular section.

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Beautiful minds
Inspire Others

Join the mastermind

People connect through the values and ideas. Bring extra value to those who would like to stay connected. Build up a community of fans and people who resonate with your brand.

Meet Crea

The person behind laCREATIVE
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Pursue growth

Share about yourself as a business owner and as a human. Help your audience to find ways to relate to you and the struggles you overcame.

Commit to excellence

Share your values and ideas. For a better overview, you can link this section to the "About" page.

Encourage Passion

Just replace a signature with your signature it is always a nice personal touch.

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